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Cooking Class

     Thank you for your interest in my cooking classes.  I have worked in restaurants in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.  I have catered Chinese Cuisine for over 25 years in the Boston area.  I am now interested in sharing my culinary knowledge from my experience and personal research with you.

     The classes shall be held in my home in Hamilton, VA.  During the colder winter months, classes will be held in my kitchen.  When the weather becomes warmer, I plan to hold classes outdoors.  I am sure we will have a good time with good food, and on top of that, a little bit of learning.  Classes are open to all levels of experience and skill.

     Here is the vital information:

     Price:                  $40/person

     Class Structure:   Informal, demonstration, and hands-on

     Class Content:     Determined by voting on my menu items and my published recipes
                                    (See MENU and RECIPES tab on this website)

     Register:              Check my website for available positions. 
                                   Then, send email to:
     What to Bring (All optional):       
                              1.  Apron
                              2.  Cutting Board
                              3.  Your favorite knife
                              4.  Some food storage containers
     Hope to see you there!