Chinese Cuisine Catering

Preparation for Your Event

Preparation for Your Event
Cooking Class

1.  Determine type of stove.  Determine size and type of oven.  Can oven fit a Half Sheet Pan?
2.  Determine if party is surprise, or not.
3.  Make one or two shelves in refrigerator clear for use on day of event.
4.  Clear counters around stove as much as possible.  That is, move aside items such as knives, cutting boards, cookbooks, & glassware.
5.  Empty Dishwasher.
6.  Set the table.
7.  Verify if the following items are available in your kitchen.  If they are not availble, please inform me.
Aluminum Foil,  Masking Tape, Dishwashing Liquid,  A Few Rolls of Paper Towels, Dish Towels, Large Garbage Pail, Sugar,  Honey,  Ketchup,  Flour
8.  Verify that I am informed about food allergies that you or your guests may have.