Chinese Cuisine Catering


Preparation for Your Event
Cooking Class

My vision is to provide the best quality Chinese cooking that money can buy.  My cooking emphasizes taste and quality, rather than fancy presentations.  The style of service is casual.  Typically, a dinner party lasts about 3 hours.  Each course is freshly prepared and served one at a time like a Chinese banquet.
All the recipes are my interpretations of classical Chinese cuisine.  That is, I use these great techniques of Chinese culture and adapt them to my own taste.  I intend to preserve the fresh and natural flavors of each ingredient.  Most of my recipes use light sauces.  I never use MSG or any flavor enhancers.
On the day of your event, I purchase the best quality ingredients from the finest markets in the Boston area (Whole Foods and various Chinatown markets).  Then, I deliver them to your home a few hours before the event and then I do the preparations in your kitchen.  After your guests arrive, each course will be served while another one is being cooked.
My service is available for any occasion:  casual get-togethers among friends, showers, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions.  I have catered for numerous events (large and small) throughout the Boston Metropolitan area, Cape Cod, New Hampshire, and the Worcester area.  I have also helped raise funds for worthwhile causes.